Contest Rules

Rules of the European Championship Bicycle Beachrace at Scheveningen

  1. Participants have to finish the whole race in order to be included in the race results.
  2. Participant off the European championship must have an valid competitors license of their uniun.
  3. Participants are required to wear a hard shell helmet.
  4. The steernumber of the participants must be visible at all times. It’s not allowed to cut off sponsorlogo’s.
  5. Participants are not allowed to be pulled by another participant or vehicle. Also drafting behind cars or motors is not allowed.
  6. The participants are expected to know the course as well as the signs.
  7. The organization is not liable for the participants getting lost.
  8. The front and rear wheel can be no bigger than 29 inches, according to the regulations of the UCI.
  9. The participants must be 16 years or older at the time of the event.
  10. If the event is canceled not due to organizational reasons, half of the entry fee will be refunded.
  11. Participants who misbehave, do not comply with the traffic regulations, or do not follow directions from the police and/or  the organization, can be excluded from further participation.
  12. Participants have to follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the organization without delay
  13. The organization is in no way liable for accidents or damage or loss and/or theft of personal items.
  14. Participants have to respect other Beach users, nature, and the environment.
  15. Participants declare that by participating in the event that they are healthy enough to finish the tour and that  they have a proper bicycle.
  16. The organization is not responsible for any accidents or falls during the match.


Technical regulations

Technical regulations of the European Championship Bicycle Beachrace at Scheveningen

1. General

1.1.  The race will be driven on mountainbikes

1.2.  The bicycle must be maintained and in a good safe condition.

1.3.  Participants are responsible for bringing their own safe bike.

 2. Frame

2.1.  All frame sizes are allowed.

2.2.  Frames must be free of cracks at the start of the match. If a crack appears during

the match the bicycle must be removed from the contest.

2.3.  Frames fitted with rear suspension are allowed, provided that it is safe.

2.4.  The crankset should be free from any slack.

2.5.  All variants of pedals and click systems are allowed, provided they are in good


2.6.  The saddle and seat post must be properly and safely secured; and, it must be in

good condition.

3. Front Fork

3.1.  A fixed and front suspension fork are allowed.

3.2.  The front fork must be in good condition and mounted in the frame without slack.

4. Brakes

4.1.  Rim and disc brakes are allowed.

4.2. The brakes should function properly, throughout the beginning to end of the event.

5. Wheels and Tires

5.1.  Only 26-29 inch wheels are allowed.

5.2.  Tire width is unrestricted, provided that the wheel does not drag.

5.3.  Wheels must be free of slack.

5.4.  Tubeless tires are allowed.

5.5.  In addition to wire spoke wheels, only carbon wheels which are allowed at UCI

matches are permitted.

6. Handlebar

6.1.  Aero-bars and attachments are not allowed.