The European Championship

Cad & Company European Championship Bicycle Beachrace 2017
On Sunday 10th December was the second EC Bicycle Beachrace. The weather forecast seemed to be bad: lots of wind and snow. Fortunately, most of the riders were already finised when the snow came.

A few riders of Elite Men formed a group and stayed together for most of the time. At the second passage of Katwijk, Jasper Ockeloen found a way to get away from the group and gave everything. He finished solo and won the EC Bicycle beachrace again.

At the Elite Women was Rozanna Slik the leader for a long time. With the finish in sight, Riejanne Markus and Claudia Koster overtake her and became first and second. For Rozanna there was only a third place

The Masters 40+ formed a leading group where Erik Dekker could get away from at Katwijk. The following bikers could attach to him again, but at the finish Dekker could escape and got as first at the finish.

Check the results here of 2017!

The European Championship Bicycle Beachrace will be organised at The Hague ‘City by the sea’ for the third time. Competitors from all over Europe will compete for the European championship jersey’s. The current champions are Riejanne Markus and Jasper Ockeloen. On the 8th of December 2018 the European Championship Bicyclebeachrace will be held again. Who will be the next champions?