Participants information

Date: Sunday December 10th
Place: Scheveningen Beach (Strandweg 47 Scheveningen)


Saturday december 9th
13.30                    Start track exploration

Sunday december 10th
7.30-9.30            Pick up startnumbers at Columbus (Strandweg 47 Scheveningen)

9.30                       Start Elite Men

9.35                       Start Elite Masters 40+ Men
9.35                       Start Basisleden Men
9.35                       Start Youth (-16) 27 km

9.45                       Start Elite Women
9.45                       Start Elite Masters 40+ Women
9.45                       Start Basisleden Women
9.45                       Start Recreatie Men & Women 27 km en 54 km

The startprocedure and the list of participants will be updated soon on the website.

Contest rules

Read the contest rules before the start of the European Championship to avoid problems during the race:

The track

The start is at the boulevard in front of the Kurhaus (Gevers Deynootplein 30). After the start the riders will go to the harbor, where the first turning point will be. This will lead into the directions of Katwijk. Near Katwijk, close to camping Zuiderduinen, the riders will leave the beach to the bikepath into the dunes. After about 1,5 km they will head back to Scheveningen. The participants of the 54km route will do this round twice. More info about the track:


  • Parking het zwarte pad (415 plaatsen)
  • Parking Nieuwe Parklaan (570 plaatsen)
  • Parking Scheveningen Bad (2000 plaatsen)
  • Parking Kurhaus (250 plaatsen)

Further information

  • It is possible to clean your bike after the race. The bikewash is behind the Ice Slide.
  • Need a place to stay during the weekend? More information at:
  • Elite/Masters: bring your licence card